Our Speech Therapy services program addresses each client's need. Our mission is to foster the develpoment of strong communication skills while giving each client a more solid foundation for a healthy and happy life.

Clients will receive Speech Therapy based on their age and developmental needs.

Speech Therapy Services offered include evaluation and treatment in any of the following areas:

•Speech/Articulation Skills- Our therapists identify which speech sounds your child should be producing correctly and teach your child how to say those sounds so that he/she can be understood by others.

•Receptive/Expressive Language- Therapy targets teaching each client to be a better talker, listener, and learner. Evaluation consists of examining all areas of language and identifying what aspects of language each client may have difficulty using to communicate with others.

•Social Skills- Therapists examine the client's ability to communicate socially based on formal and informal testing (including observation and parent/teacher report). Therapy leads the client through age appropriate activities to increase social interaction and appropriate communication skills with peers.

•Stuttering and Voice- Therapy targets fluent speaking in a variety of ways, depending on the age of the client. Therapists encourage the client to use smooth easy speech that is appropriate in volume and pitch. Patient and family education is also provided to promote fluent and easy speech in all enviroments.

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